Welcome to the first article of the Faith In God Ministry blog. I will attempt to give you an overview of what I (we) are attempting to do with this blog. I wrote “I” with the “we” included because I (Deacon “RT” Threatt) will be the principle blogger with my Pastor and others, from the Faith In God Ministries, plus guest writers. I want to spread the word of God, His wonderful works and His love. I, and so have others, witnessed the wonderful works of Jesus and have seen the power of prayer. I will attempt to keep the blog around five hundred words or so and delve into many subjects dealing with Jesus and we His people.

What Jesus taught, practiced and said is still of great value today no matter how much other people want to put a modern (of this day and age) spin on it. Modernize as much as you want but there are numerous passages in the Bible that covers everything, one way or another. Remember, years ago, children were schooled at home using the Bible and they were taught everything. All anyone have to do is read, absorb and understand. Do not read what is not there into the passage. Read the entire passage and understand why something or the other is saying what it is saying. God loves us all and all we have to do is love God, obey His commandments and follow Jesus’ examples. Simple as pie.

Before I go any further let me give the church address. Anyone that wish to visit, write or call the church is encouraged to do so. Sunday services start at 9:45am to around 11:30am or 12noon. Tuesday evening Bible study start at 7pm and Monday thru Friday prayer (noon – 4pm), given by Rev. Lester. Rev. Lester encourages coming by and putting your name into the prayer can or call as well as write. She and others will always fervently pray for you and your needs.


(A Non-Denominational Church)

911 E. 36th St.

Richmond, Virginia 23224

(804) 233-3638

The church started in January and we only have a few members, not even a dozen yet. We are struggling but, as in Acts where the first church began, we are slowly but surely moving forward. As in Acts chapter four and five, we are trying to acquire the faithful as servants and then we can really reach the non-faithful. At the present time there is only me (Deacon), the Pastor and two others doing the work and providing 80%-90% of the financing. There is less than a dozen members and, unlike other churches, most funding come from the Pastor’s pocket and mine, which is quickly running out. However with prayer and tenacity we will continue to do God’s bidding.

May God, the maker of all things have mercy on us. May He who gave His only begotten Son, so that we can be relieved of our sins, hear our prayers and will grant our needs if only we call the name Jesus and truly believe. May the Lord watch over you and until I write another article, believe and pray.

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