Wicked And Vile Men

8 The wicked walk on every side, when the vilest men are exalted. (Psalms 12:8 KJV)

I guess you can imagine what I am going to speak about, it is about Psalms chapter 12 verse eight. You can put it in the context of today, if you wish to. Just think about what is happening today, a vile man who is exalted. It is a hard pill to swallow. To imagine such a thing happening this day and age, yet again, if you think about it long enough, is not too hard to imagine; it has happened. But there have been a lot of people with their head in the sand, like an ostrich, and they don’t know anything else to do. I do not want to be like that ostrich but, as it stands now, there isn’t anything I can do about the situation. The die is cast.

There are people that is in the new administration that have no idea about the job that is to be performed. They may have been managers or supervised before but that was on a job that they knew something about. I cannot see someone that dislike the government being over the government. It’s like trying to be a surgeon but you’re not a surgeon. It does not work. Like a plumber trying to be a machinist does not work. We will see very, very shortly what is about to occur and I do not think it will be a good thing. It is horrible to think bad about people you do not know, however, in this case, there is no choice but to think the worst.

The CEO or whomever is the top person in charge, especially someone that have never groveled in the dirt like you have, should not be telling you how to get dirty and how it feels. There are very, very few people that have started at the bottom of the latter and have gone all the way to the top. Now, coming into the new administration, are a lot of top people that will tell the people what to do and how to do it yet they do not know how to do it themselves and have never done it. When I was in supervision I had always told my people that I would never tell them to do anything I have never done myself. But that was me.

All I can do now is believe in the phrase that is written on our money, “in God we trust”. I can only trust in God to bring me and the rest of the people through this bad situation that we will have to go through. Only God can because so many others have trusted in the will of the devil. God have been defeating the devil for so long it has become business as usual to do so. The devil is everywhere. However, there is a saying, “God helps those who help themselves.” So we must be out there trying to help God get us out of this situation that we should never have gotten into from the start. God have mercy on our souls.

There are wicked people walking on every side and the vile, more than one, have been exalted. I believe that mine and your God will see us through. However, like Job, we will be tested. We all will have to go through the fire and, if we keep the faith, will survive. God moves in mysterious ways and only God know the final outcome. Like the game of chess, one move leads to a checkmate that was seen before that first move occurred. As I said in a previous blog, let God.

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