Deliver Us All

1 Judge me, O God, and plead my cause against an ungodly nation: O deliver me from the deceitful and unjust man. (Psalms 43:1 KJV)

I just can’t get away from the news stories that are circulating the world and, unfortunately, most, if not all, is coming from and is about the new President of the United States. All any of us can do is pray that the outcome will leave something to rebuild on. After all is said and done, we will need to rebuild the nation that is by and for the people. To most of the world we are in an ungodly nation as was Russia before us.

We have had people say he has forgotten he is the president. We have had people say he has lost his mind (I have thought that before he became president). He will be judged; he is being judged as presidents before him. After he is judged by the people that dislike him, will he have his supporting core that defend him no matter what he does or say? Will his core people persevere in keeping him afloat in this sea of upheaval?

I only ask, will we be delivered from this deceitful and unjust man? Time will tell and time is running out, his time is running out as fast as an out of control bus, without brakes, rolling downhill. The nation is in trouble and need God’s help desperately.

To love and live in peace and tranquility is all that is asked. However, saying one thing while doing another is more than deceitful, it is against all that we, as a united people, can’t support nor endure. To tell lies in order to deflect the looking into another matter is more than deceitful. To look into what others are doing and not allowing the same for yourself is deceitful. To place others in a position of ultimate control, knowing they are not qualified, is deceitful. To not live by, honor or obey the laws that put you in power is deceitful. O deliver me from the deceitful and unjust man.

I love God and I love my nation but my nation is letting me down with the things that are happening. This nation, I believe, is the greatest nation on earth but it is slowly losing it’s status. Other nations are looking at us and laughing because we have quickly fallen from a nation to be admired. A nation that I love.

All that can be said now is pray for us all. Pray for the president, his core supporters, those that oppose him and the nation as a whole. Keep the faith because we know not what God have in mind for us. Is this a test? If so, keep that faith and never waver from God. He will, in time, safe us all and His will is always done in His time. Those that do not have God in their hearts and can not or will not keep that faith will go down with him. He will go down and we then have a nation to rebuild. Let’s build it together, under God, and with love for all. God love and help us all.

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