We Still Have Problems

22:27 If you have nothing to pay, why should he take away your bed from under you? 
22:28 Remove not the ancient landmark, which your fathers have set. 
22:29 See you a man diligent in his business? he shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before mean men. (Proverbs 22:27-29 KJV)

          To date there have been many lawsuits and harsh words about voter fraud, illegal voting, suspicious vote counting, vote counting transparency, etc. The great majority, if not all of it, is nothing but hot air being expended, in my opinion, just to waste time and hope to hamstring the opposition. Verse twenty-seven says it all. If there is nothing to gain by wasting time in court, why do it when it is already known the court will rule against you?

          The Republican party is doing everything it can to give the Democrat party all the angst it can. Why? Does it not want our democracy to flourish or does the party want us to flounder until the democracy disappears? We have a chance of regaining our worldly status with many countries calling congratulating President-Elect Biden. By joining together, Republican and Democrat, we shall stand taller than we do now. Verse twenty-nine tells us what to do because ex-President Biden is diligent in doing the nation’s business to the best of his and his new administration’s ability.

          God does not like meanness, a lot of what we have seen the past four years is just plain meanness. And it continues because the actions of the present administration seem they love to act as if God does not exist. They are throwing obstacle after obstacle in the path of the in-coming President. The Speaker-of-the House told everyone that as long as he is head of the Senate the Senate will not co-operate with the in-coming administration. This is pure meanness, and the in-coming administration shall stand before the world in righteousness and not before mean people that will not work with them.

          God still have His plan and it is playing out as He wish, at His pace. The mean people were elected to do the will of the people they represent. They only seem to want to do their will as to profit themselves. May God have mercy on their souls.

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