Job 5

5:1 Call now, if there be any that will answer you; and to which of the saints will you turn?

5:2 For wrath kills the foolish man, and envy slays the silly one.

5:3 I have seen the foolish taking root: but suddenly I cursed his habitation.

5:4 His children are far from safety, and they are crushed in the gate, neither is there any to deliver them.

5:5 Whose harvest the hungry eats up, and takes it even out of the thorns, and the robber swallows up their substance.

5:6 Although affliction com es not out of the dust, neither does trouble spring out of the ground;

5:7 Yet man is born unto trouble, as the sparks fly upward. (Job 5:1-7 KJV)

          The election is over. The trial is over. A new day and way have dawned. Yet, the ex-president does not want to give up nor does he concede. He has many lawsuits ahead of him. Many Republicans have abandoned him, and he is angry because of the lack of loyalty toward him. He once said he was Christian, but he has not read Job and he still want people to help him. Opps, he does not read much.

          Chapter five verse one of job says a call for help will go unanswered even if he turns to the saintly. In verse two it says resentment destroys the fool and he is very foolish, as well as those that embolden him. And, in verse two, it says jealousy will dourly kill his simple mind because, as he sees it, there is not a person alive that is better than he is and anyone that is he will attempt to destroy.

          Embedded in this chapter of Job it will tell you that anyone that turns from God will not prosper. He may see success for a while but eventually he will not prosper, succeed. Job also says as he goes so shall his children go. He, his children, and other relations aspire to run for office in a lot of places. They all should read Job and get things right first or they are doomed.

          The ex-president always talks about how rich he is and so does his children and relations but, if he is, because of his doings, there are many lawsuits, and the lawyers are not cheap. The more money they believe he has, and the Republican committee has, they want. This has come about because of his actions through the years and when he was president.

          Job five verse seven says people are born for trouble. As I wrote in previous blogs, the ex-president’s father was bad and taught him how to be bad. He learned his lessons well. Now I think he have backed himself into a corner. Instead of conceding and riding off into the sunset, he wants to fight because of his ego. ‘The die is cast’ and he cannot turn back now. This section of Job will play out to its fullest. For him to succeed may be lost. God will see this through to the fateful end.

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