19 He that goeth about as a talebearer revealeth secrets: therefore meddle not with him that flattereth with his lips. (Proverbs 20:19 KJV)

What is being said here is for us not to keep company with, mess with, be friends with, etc. people that are liars, rumor spreaders, always stirring up trouble or problems, etc. These are people that are only out for their own good, to make themselves seem good and correct. Believe this, they only want to use you as a spring board toward the greater things that they want. They are not out to better you but only to make sure you do not get ahead of them.

In this age and time, the great majority of people can not escape the gossip and chatter from the masses that broadcast, Tweet, etc. all types of information along with the misinformation. This is either intentional or a big mistake. Governments, for years, have intentionally given out information that was known not to be the truth because they wanted a certain incident to occur or not to occur. We have been used to ensure this end result and everyday this occurs in mass media. Remember things that were said on Facebook, Tweeted or on radio and TV and later found not to be true? Remember the TV news anchor who for years perpetrated false reports? Or was it only one? No one knows but him but would you believe him if he said it was only one? Only two?

While in the military I worked with the canines and grew to love the solitude of the night that came with the job. Just me with the dog and the dog does not talk. I would occasionally hear something from the radio on my hip but I mostly heard crickets, saw the numberless stars along with the shooting stars, heard and saw night birds and other night things. I would hear the wind in the trees or it blowing across the grasses or bushes and things would be so peaceful. Just me, my dog, God and nature. Lonely? No way. Scary? Wrong again.

There are no distractors, talebearers, or fears, just a time to do my job while communing with God and to have a clear mind to plan and/or look over my life. Communing with God and/or planning your life can not be done in chaos. Life in fleeting and the time you spend listening to the distractions, that take up so much of the day, will find you, one day, needing just a little longer to complete what you should have completed a long time ago.

This is only one way to interpret the passage from Proverbs and there are many ways, I am sure, but just remember one thing. Do not wait until death for solitude. Depending on your life, you may not see the land of milk and honey but instead go to the depths of chaos. Try a day without the cellphone, computer, TV, radio and newspaper. Read a book, listen to music (not on the radio), WRITE a letter or two (put a stamp on it and mail it), sit in a quiet setting and watch the wonders around you (do not bring the phone with you). Clear your mind and meditate, commune with God. Feel how refreshed you will be before returning to the chaos and the numerous talebearers. Love God.

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