A Stone Was Cast

7 So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her. (John 8:7 KJV)

Those of you that read my other blog (tega227.com) know I am not happy about the new regulations that was given by the new management team Somerby Senior Living, here at Imperial Plaza. The new regulation concerns smoking and there is only three areas that smoking is allowed on this large, sprawling senior living campus. I know there are laws, however, there is the morality side to look at as well as the no smoking part.

Somerby have other senior living facilities which Imperial Plaza is now the largest. The other facilities that Somerby manage are assisted living facilities but Imperial Plaza only have one of four multistory buildings that is for assisted living. As I think a little deeper about the size of the other facilities I imagine one or two hundred residents, which is not many people to manage compared to Imperial Plaza. Here at Imperial Plaza the population is eight hundred residents or more.

According to the Somerby’s law, smoking is forbidden, a sin. There are many rules, regulations, laws but I do not invoke laws but abide by the law. When I believe a law, regulation, rule to be unfair, unjust I try to have a discussion and come to a compromise. When the law is given without a discussion to come to a compromise, I balk.

I can not cast a stone for I know I am not sinless. I will continue to inadvertently sin, all of us do. We all will because we are human. Breaking man’s law is one thing but to break God’s law is another. I can not cast this situation into God’s law, I can only say it is man’s law and man make many mistakes. Is this one or is it not? Many people that propose and make laws think they are doing right, they seldom pass a law they themselves abide by. For instance…

The Imperial Plaza employees have a smoking area that is inside beside the underground parking, have a picnic table, overhead fan, etc. The resident areas are all outside with one being non-assessable for the handicap people plus building “D” have a long way to walk to get to any area.

True, many people do not want to be around smoke, for whatever their reason. However, why cast stones at the smokers when many non-smokers were smokers once but stopped for whatever reason. These people are the hardest on the smokers, casting stone after stone, even calling the police. Respect the smoker as the smoker respect the non-smoker. Jesus listened to the people and He then made His statement, His decision.

I can imagine seeing Jesus rising from the dirt, after listening and scribbling in the dirt, slowly looking from one heated person to the other, rising, making His statement and slowly stooping to the ground and start scribbling again. He listened and made a bold statement and left it at that. He did not argue nor demand, He left it to the people. Here it was not left to the people; a decision was made without input. The stone was cast without debate or input.

I am no longer debating nor leading a fight. I am tired of debating and fighting, I leave that to others to do from now on. When one door close another opens. A great opportunity have appeared and we are taking it. I do not and will not cast stones. I have sins and they do also.








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