1 And God spake all these words, saying, 2 I am the LORD thy God, which have brought thee out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage. 3 Thou shalt have no other gods before me.

14 Thou shalt not commit adultery. (KJV Exodus 20: 1-3, 14)

I was reading an article that had interviewed a Southern Baptist Evangelistic Church and they revered the minister that was preaching the ten commandants, one at a time, each Sunday. This particular Sunday was number seven of the ten commandants, thou shalt not commit adultery. The article was seeking to understand why southern Baptists were for President Trump no matter what he said or did. The more I read the article, the more I became into focus about what these Christians were believing yet it was still out of focus for me My mind was being whip-lashed and it’s still spinning.

The people of the church were saying that sometimes God would use a bad person to accomplish other things (I have written the same thing before). These people know that Trump is bad but he promised certain things that they want or believe in. They are willing to look past the bad, hoping for the good. They are willing to follow him over a cliff as long as he keep promising them something good. I can not commit moral suicide in the hope of something better.

All of us are born in sin and must work toward being a better person in order to obtain the Glory-land promised by God. There is not one politician (all Presidents included and all mankind) that is pure and have not nor will not commit another sin or will not lie. The trick is to take the lesser of two evils and work with that plus attempting to keep oneself purer. We had a choice of Trump or Clinton. Trump won the electoral college and Clinton won the popular vote. The rest is history, the country was split.

Verse fourteen states a person should not commit adultery yet most southern Baptist overlook that while looking for something to better themselves. Trump had committed adultery many times over, attempted to hush women so that his followers do not find out and leave him plus he have talked and joked about it. His followers are still there. It is as if Trump is a God and can do no wrong because he is going to make things right although he is not right.

God is everything that is pure, right, all seeing, all knowing. God would not harm us or try to be sly about His doings and sayings. I would trust and follow God anywhere but not a person like Trump. I am willing to lose a lot of readers because of this blog but I will follow God. I will lose friends because I will not be for Trump nor follow Trump, I am for God. I try not to take the Bible out of context, that is why I reprint the passages I am referring to at the beginning of the blog. I make mistakes, every man does (when I say ‘man’ I refer to women also) and always will because no man is perfect and does not make mistakes.

All I can say about the article is it was interesting and I now understand more about the southern Baptist and how they think as well as why they voted for Trump and is still on his side. I can not excuse or make excuses for nor defend a person like Trump and it is deeper than verse fourteen. There have been too many wrongs, not only coming from the Bible, but to all of mankind especially the American people. Read the ten commandants and eliminate those that Trump have not or is not breaking and you will find only two or three left; maybe.

I am my brother’s keeper and I love my neighbor but I love God more and will keep Him in my heart forever. When judgment day come I want to be following God not someone that think he is God and want everyone to be loyal to him and follow him. God is great and God is good, not him.


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