They Know Not

23:34 Then said Jesus, Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do. And they p arted his raiment, and cast lots. (Luke 23:34 KJV)

This was when our Lord was placed upon the cross and He called out to God. His statement covers much and still does today because people think they know what they are doing but, really, do not. One, in particular, think he knows all there is to know and have a following that think he does also.

As in the R&B song “Pity the Fool”, in so many words, that is what he said, and I am saying today. I say this about our President and his followers (enablers) because we, as a democracy, have a good life that is being torn apart for no good reason. I do not think they know what they are doing.

The President only want benefits for himself and his family (if they benefit him) and all others “bedamned”. He only wants money for himself but do not know how to keep it and will do anything to acquire it thinking that it is absolute power. Is turning this country over to our enemies giving him more money or power? Is supporting him giving his supporters (enablers) more money or power? They, all of them, know not what they do.

The supporters are gambling that another four years of this President will ensure them a better life. A life that they want to live in. A life of chaos and strife. A life that they believe they have control of an underclass that they perceive are incapable of doing anything but what they want them to do.

They do not perceive they answer to only themselves, not realizing that there is always someone higher that have control over them and is leading them the way that they want them to go for that person’s own benefit.  To do their dirt.

Jesus knew and said, “they know not what they do”. God will have the final say and He have a masterplan with all of us a part of it. Some will suffer more than others to complete this masterplan. Jesus died as a piece of the masterplan and God is not finished yet. The plan is slowly but surely coming to fruition and those to be punished will be severely punished.

I am not Jesus. I am not God. I can not forgive what I see and hear happening. I am called a “sucker”. I am called a “loser”. I understand, see, and hear what our President have many times said. His supporters believe in him more than they believe is God. Yet, they want everyone to believe they (those that have served) are not part of those that are called a sucker or loser. If they would open their eyes and look into the mirror they would, maybe, see the light.

November the third is almost here and half of the country is looking at this President as their savior and do not care that he does not care for them except for a means to stay in power and enable our enemies to attempt to have more control over us. They do not know what they do and after the election, if he is re-elected, it is too late to alter it.


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